Love At First Bite.

20 Apr 2024

We grow up by listening some proverbs in our society which definitely has some history and experience of people. Most common is " The first impression is last impression" which everyone listen at homes , institutions and academies. It is reality base thing but modern language and approach denying it. Now failure becoming first step of ladder in success and purity is the first bite of love.

Class of quality demands good chain from top to bottom. If a restaurant has morvolus taste and quality in food but the presentation to visitors/ guests is sluggish then may quality also sinks. So high quality chain through cooking pot till dining plate and then till Spoon & fork for first bite should be same.

This chain of quality should be maintained in our other matters like relationship, skills, official work, blogs etc. Because where ever this breaches the level of love to that object will decline immediately.

Under same philosophy, here in contents writing, topic - plot - tune - presentation, at any stage we lack in quality then may we lost the connection. Because no reader knows in which circumstances you write , which kind of work place you have , what problems you have in family etc. But he wants a perfect meaningful content to read. Now how we can made our content at "love the first bite" level , it requires the above mentioned quality chain to be followed.

Reader must feel that you write only for himself. He feels that the solution of his problem is here. He shouldn't be able to leave it incomplete. The taste of the first bite should be in his mind till last bite.

Caught up in love the first bite is quite natural if the presenter has such abilities to drag the attention of viewer by any means. Because each individual has different standards of looking at any object. But still the quality will be prime with purity because purity didn't change. The fake artificial colours washed out in first rain but natural can't.

The first bite of love gets stamulation from the topic in blogging. Then opening gives taste of desire , plot satisfied the hunger of search , conclusion made belly full of our soul with some solutions.

Last paragraph.
A successful writer always care about love the first bite method. He keeps same taste of content till end with same tune of words to Keep reader involved in his choices. It is necessary and sufficient to build the taste in our write ups. A reader should remember the love of each bite till end and even after. A good generated taste remains in mind even after years or decades.

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