The Art of the Fractured: Simon Berger and Beauty in Broken Glass

12 Mar 2024

In a world where perfection is the norm, there are artists who challenge this idea, finding beauty in the imperfect and the broken. Simon Berger is one such artist, a visionary who has transformed the way we view broken glass, taking it from a state of destruction to a sublime art form.
Berger, with his hammer in hand, sees not a blank canvas, but an opportunity in every shard of glass. His technique involves strategically hitting the glass to create portraits that emerge from fractures and shadows. The result is a series of works that not only capture the essence of their subjects, but also invite reflection on the fragility and strength inherent to the human condition.

One of his most emblematic works is the portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris, a piece that not only stands out for its technique and beauty, but also for its powerful symbolism. Just as Harris broke the “glass ceiling” in politics, Berger literally breaks the glass to reveal the image of a leader who has made history.

These works have been exhibited in various places. Recently, one of his most notable pieces, the portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris, was exhibited on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in early 2021. Additionally, Simon Berger is a participant in the Art Madrid' Fair, where his works They are for sale and can be seen in person. For updated information on future or ongoing exhibitions, I would recommend visiting the official pages of the galleries or the artist himself.

Simon Berger's works have varying prices, depending on the piece and the gallery. For example, one of his works titled “Untitled (Sphere), 2022” is available at the Mazel Galerie for €20,000. However, many of his works are offered on a price-on-demand basis, meaning that interested parties must contact the gallery directly for pricing information. For a specific work or more details on prices, I would recommend visiting the pages of the galleries that represent Simon Berger or specialized art sites such as Artsy.

Berger's work is not limited to portraits. His collaboration with technology, as in the case of video art, expands the horizons of the medium and invites us to immerse ourselves in artistic experiences that are both visual and tactile. Videomapping, for example, is a technique that transforms three-dimensional objects into dynamic surfaces for video projections, creating an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between art and viewer.

Several contemporary artists have explored broken glass as a medium for their artistic expression. Here are some examples:

  • Vitraaze: Ukrainian artist Vita, known as Vitraaze, creates vibrant hand-painted mugs, teapots and wine glasses with designs inspired by nature.
  • Milica Dimitrova: This Bulgarian artist began working with glass in 2010 and has specialized in creating decorative designs for the home.
  • Sun Art Glass Gallery: A space featuring works by artists who work with glass, including broken glass.
  • Dobriela Koeva: Another name on the list of artists who use glass in their creations.
  • Artanett: An artist who also works with glass, possibly including broken glass techniques.
  • These artists, like Simon Berger, use glass not only as a material, but as a companion in visual narrative, where each fracture and each line tells a unique story.

Simon Berger's art is a testament to human beings' ability to find beauty in the most unexpected places. He reminds us that even in brokenness there is an opportunity to create something new and exciting, something that can resonate with the human experience in a deep and meaningful way.

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