13 May 2023

Gyanu and I were sitting in Vaishali. As usual, we were seeing why someone was meeting a rich capitalist to do Bidikadi. Shamya came to the door; A pink jean outfit with a t-shirt on top. Shamya came in. I looked at him and started laughing. Shamya will know what happened, Shamya came to me "Why, are you pulling your teeth?" By this time, Gyanu, who had his back to him, also saw him and he too started laughing ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho made from his larynx. Finally his head hit the side of the table and his eyes watered with laughter and pain.

Shamya also gave him a couple of heavy scoldings. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha.Oh, what happened?" Shamya cried. "What are you wearing?" "Why, it's Jean ! That American hippy couple came to us and they gave it!" Still he said loudly, "You're burning us!" Put it on your knees too, my brain is here!" Gyanu said. "Mera mangho knime hai!" I explained to Shamya in Rashtrabhasha. His English was a bit poor. "Oh, but why?" "Shamya asks you privately, did you understand this gene?" "Of course ! " said Shamya, slapping his chest. What is written on that sticker? Do you understand the meaning?" "Yes, I regularly take pills, I regularly take pills ! " "What pills?" "Hey donkey ! Pills are birth control pills, you know?' "Ha! Why are you squeezing anything?" "Like that! Does that Jean have a postal wallet?" Shamya was thinking. "No, Cheyla, the side has a zip chain!” “That means it's a lady's jean! Leka, have you ever had the jeans of that two-and-a-half-hundred-pound, sixty-six-foot American?" "But what about these ladies?" "Our Sheilas use jeans ! Shamya sat on a chair and drank a glass of water in one breath. He said 'Aila' twice thrice and got up. Shamya, who was already a wife, was looking very dapper that day. Wasn't this incident funny? At least when we laughed a lot; But that is why Panchayat was formed. I went home, to myself. Shamya probably went to her own house and changed her genes and Gyanu went to his own house. We were laughing to ourselves. I was laughing as I remembered. Gyanu also said the same from behind. Gnanya must have called Bandya and Ashok after going home and narrated this incident in detail. Because they both called me back and congratulated me for making Shamya Pachka. Today's holiday was celebrated. Three wanted me to go to the picture with Mini. Going to the picture with Mini means getting yellow. Because Texas - Cancel! Serious English Cancel! Darasingh? Um yeah, no way! Dada Kondke or other Marathi picture? They are of low test! So our interest was piqued. Hindi Bindok Picture is here! Mini is very happy to have such a picture! ie either British Comic or Hindi picture comes to our destiny.

Well! The idea is to learn in a mini convent. So there was some old childhood joke and if he didn't show his teeth, she explained the joke to me and in turn to the whole theater, thinking that I, who studied in Marathi school, didn't understand this joke. That is, we used to eat the insults of the public! Three means a picture of three and a half. That too in English means Pavne Char will be turned on. What to do from lunch to dinner? Savwatin decided to kick the scooter and go to Mini. It is now half past eleven. If you sleep now, 4-4. There was peace of mind. Sleeping would not work.

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