SIP Calculation: Invest only Rs 5000 monthly, you will get Rs 35000 per month; View Calculation

3 Jun 2022

SIP Calculation: If you want to earn good profits without any risk then you can consider SWP i.e. Systematic Withdrawal Plan different from SIP, in which you will get the amount as pension every month. Let us know its calculation.
Mutual Fund SIP-SWP: Everyone is concerned about the expenses after retirement, which is why people invest in different places. If you have not done retirement planning till now, then do it from today, because the monthly salary will stop after the job. Today here we are telling you about some special investments, from which you will get a huge amount in the form of pension every month after retirement.

Arrangement of pension from SWP
If you want to invest without risk, then you can consider SWP i.e. Systematic Withdrawal Plan different from SIP in which you will get the amount as pension every month. Under this, if you do a monthly SIP of 5 thousand rupees every month for 20 years, then you can get pension up to 35 thousand rupees every month.

What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)?
Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is an investment under which the investment gets a fixed amount back from a mutual fund scheme. In this, the investor himself decides how much money he has to withdraw in how much time. Under SWP, you can withdraw your money on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 months or yearly basis.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
Let us know how you can get a fat pension by investing 5000.

SIP up to 20 years
Monthly SIP Rs 5000
Tenure 20 Years
Estimated Return 12%
Net Value Rs 50 Lakh
Now for more profit than this, you put this 50 lakh rupees in different schemes for SWP. If the estimated return is 8.5 percent, then on this basis you will get a monthly pension of 35 thousand rupees. Let’s see how.

20 years SWP
Investing in different schemes Rs 50 lakh
Estimated return 8.5%
Annual return Rs 4.25 lakh
Monthly return 4.25 lakh/12 = Rs 35417
Know what are the benefits of SWP
The biggest advantage of SWP is that it is a regular withdrawal.
Through this there is redemption of units from the scheme.
In this, if there is surplus money after the stipulated time, then you get it.
Apart from this, tax will be applicable in the same way as in the case of equity and debt funds.
Under this, where the holding period does not exceed 12 months, investors will have to pay short term capital gains tax.
Under this, if you are investing in any scheme, then you can also activate the SWP option in it.

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