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12 Mar 2024

SolPad emerges as a decentralized integrated launch pad and staking ecosystem intricately woven into the fabric of the Solana network. Tailored to simplify project launches, smart contract deployment, and secure token staking, this cutting-edge platform is designed to streamline processes with unparalleled efficiency.

Boasting a diverse array of functionalities, SolPad offers token creation, an intuitive user interface, automated smart contract deployment, node deployment, and seamless integration with other decentralized applications (dApps). Noteworthy is its steadfast commitment to ensuring the security of staked tokens through a transparent and dependable staking mechanism.

At the core of SolPad lies the $SPAD token, the platform’s intrinsic utility. Serving as a governance token, it facilitates staking, grants access to platform features, and acts as a payment token for transaction fees. A portion of the token supply is allocated to early adopters and investors, while the remainder fuels ongoing platform development, marketing endeavors, and strategic partnerships.

SolPad’s vision is bold — to evolve into an all-encompassing DeFi ecosystem within the Solana network. Anchored by a steadfast dedication to transparency and community involvement, and fortified by a focus on innovation and security, SolPad is poised to lead the charge in token launching and staking on Solana.

Information from the whitepaper:

SOLPAD Launch Pad Features:

  1. Staking and Farming Portal: Holders of the $SPAD token can utilize our dedicated staking portal to stake their tokens and earn rewards, with longer staking periods yielding higher rewards through a multiplier system. This encourages sustained investment and fosters a strong ecosystem for our token holders.
  2. Community-Driven Governance: Central to our ethos is the belief in community-driven governance. The SolPad platform embodies this principle, empowering $SPAD token holders to propose and vote on platform changes, ensuring active community involvement in shaping Solana’s future development.
  3. Innovative Revenue Sharing Model: SolPad introduces a groundbreaking revenue-sharing model exclusively for $SPAD token holders, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between project owners, investors, and the platform. $SPAD holders participate in revenue sharing, aligning community interests with the success of projects launched on SolPad, enhancing sustainability and platform prosperity.
  4. Expert Advice: Acknowledging the importance of supporting project founders from ideation to launch and beyond, our platform offers expert mentorship and resources. This ensures thorough vetting of projects for legitimacy, viability, and long-term success, fostering a robust ecosystem of quality projects.


$SPAD was launched on 29th december 2023 on Solana Chain. Holding $SPAD gives the following benefits:
$SPAD Token Utilities

  • Whitelist based on your tier
  • Voting rights in governance proposals
  • Staking rewards
  • Revenue share from the launchpads IDOs. For more info check: Revenue
  • Official CA: F42ZqgYHRJ7XgQL3kj61FNgUbSWFYVqRMGTHhXqnuzmX

How to invest in a presale and claim your contribution

1) Once you are connected navigate to the presale you want to invest.
2) On the right side of the page you can type the amount of Sol you wish to invest.
3) Once you typed click contribute and confirm your transaction in your wallet.
4) When the project will allow claiming, the claim button has appeared, click on the “Claim” button.
5) Your wallet will ask for confirmation. Be sure you have enough SOL to pay the gas fees. Click on the “Confirm” button to finish the process


Revenue Share:

  • 30% – Revenue Sharing Pool in $SOL
  • 25% – Marketing and Development
  • 25% – LP and Buybacks/Burn
  • 20% – Team Funds

The Team funds will be exclusively used to cover the operation expenses. Every month, the unused amount will be reallocated towards either Dividends or used for Buyback and Burn, up to the team’s discretion.
Offers the opportunity to invest in the most exclusive presales on Solpad platform.

Referrals :

When a presale enables Affiliate program you can use your own link to earn rewards.

  1. Go to the presale page and on the right hand side you will find the “Affiliate program”

2) Click on the copy button and start sharing the link to earn extra rewards. Every time someone buys using this link you’ll earn a % of the pool. The more buys you bring the more the rewards you will earn.
3) After the presale is finished find the same box you used to find the referral link. Click “Claim Rewards”


All Project SolPad wallets will be public and traceable. This means that you will be able to consult how much we have accumulated with comission from presales, how much is being transacted, how much resources are being allocated to financing projects and all the rest.
In addition, all $SPAD supply will also be traceable. You will gain access to Revenue Reward, Farm Pool, Team, Marketing, Development and Liquidity wallets.

TREASURYWALLETLP and Buybacks/Burn: 7eoAZ1keEABwqwgNCiuTUiNmXXCcrzRVqVJV3TLKxa87

Revenue Sharing Pool in $SOL:

Marketing / Development:

Team and Advisors:

Solpad Alpha:

To qualify for Solpad Alpha you will need to have at least 80,000 $SPAD tokens.

  • Opportunity to invest in exclusive projects
  • Connect with influencers and project owners

Marketing Support

Every presale needs Marketing Support. SolPad has partnered up with the best people in the space offering Marketing. Look through our Call ChannelsTwitter InfluencersRegional Calls and Youtube Marketing if you want to onboard the influencers yourself.

If you want to work with SolPad and offer a Marketing Service please contact @stevelabsaccelerator

More Information on the DOCS



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