A mobile buying guide.

1 Jun 2022

How to buy a mobile phone? Confused? Read my guide and decide how to buy a perfect mobile phone for you. so lets get started.

1- Processor is the main thing in mobile it decids how fast or slow will your mobile work. So before buying a new mobile always choose a good professor phone.

2- Battery life is also important for phone. Battery is calculated in mah so always choose high mah batteries.

3- Camera is also a main unit. We use camera for capturing photos selfies and recording videos. So choose a good camera in your phone. Now a days OiS(optical image stabilization) is popular so buy a mobile with ois.

4- Weight of mobile phone should not bhi more than 220gm else it will feel heavy to you. So don't buy heavy phones.

I hope you guys like my mobile buying guide. We will meet Next time.

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Thanks for this do you include cost in the review/buying guide. Value for money!!
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