Top 5 favourite MCU characters

28 Jun 2022

There has been a lot of great characters in the MCU that have accomplished a super hero status here are my 5 favourite characters 

Number 5 is The Hulk also known as Bruce banner a genius and a green angry machine with the ability to crush his opponents. In avengers endgame he finds a way to be both hulk and Bruce becoming more power full then ever.

Number 4 is iron man, he was one of the original avengers and a most popular one in my opinion he was very intelligent creating a suit that can fly shoot lasers and has built in gadgets, he always learnt from his mistakes and it was sad for everyone when he died defeating Thanos.

Number 3 is Dr Strange, the way he can change reality and time and create tools to use in battle is so satisfying he stoped Wanda from destroying the multiverse and all out is a very powerful character. 

Number 2 is Spider-Man he swings across the city as a friendly neighbourhood spider man he has zero maturity which his character so funny and enjoyable to watch, when he is serious you know that the enemy is going to get destroyed 

Number 1 I have Thor the god of lightning, Avery powerful character with the ability to create lighting at strike his Opponents and can fly around with his hammer. In avengers endgame he is at his funniest becoming fat, thinking about what could of been when Thanos defeated them.  

I recommend watching the new movie multiverse of madness on Disney plus 

who are some of your favourite characters


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Johnson Chau
I can’t wait to see thor love and thunder - the trailer is getting me hyped for it.
Captain America has to be one of my favourites, bringing the avengers team together and showing great leadership is an attribute that i wish to have. Overall tho great list
Jydstar. One of my favourites is Vision and also a fan of Ironman. Nice list 👍