Community Building - Competitions

7 Jul 2022

There are a while lot of ways to build a crypto community, and I will be exploring most of them with my point of view

I started this series and you can check out the previous article. In the crypto space today, a lot of projects always want to boost the engagements and activities in their community. 

On of the ways to do that is to initiate a competition. Competitions vary in the crypto space and as such you have to pick the one that is best for your project. It could be a meme competition, article competition, video competition etc.

The goal of this competition is to create awareness and boost the reach of the project. I have had several experiences with different projects, the one I got to know about because of their competition. Also, it is necessary to ensure the reward pool is nice, to encourage members to participate in it.

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Out of the many ways to build a community, competitions may just be my favorites. It helps the community contribute to the project of their choice with their special skills. Anyways, good content creators just always steal all the prizes
Competitions have always been a great way to engage any crypto community. I have taken part in quite a few competitions and it was a great way to contribute to the growth of the community. Well, there are several other ways to grown and engage the community, competitions is definitely a good one to adopt
I have bee a lover of competitions in the crypto space, especially is I am writing to win it. I really miss those days of article writing and blogging for a project and then getting rewarded for it. Anyways, thanks to bulb