SOL NFTS: worth it?

1 Jul 2022

NFTs have taken the meta for the year as different projects have launched on different chains with intentions and plans of utilities. As Blockchain enthusiasts, this is a very exciting moment as we get to participate in life-changing opportunities and make money while at it.

Right now, Solana and Ethereum are the Networks in which the highest volume of NFTs are being traded. Arbitrium had its phase, but it has slowed down over the months.

When trading NFTs, understanding the network is a very important factor in your journey because each network works differently, so it's usually advisable to pick a network and stick to it at first till you master it.

I started with Solana and I'll be listing the reasons why I prefer the Sol NFts over it's Ethereum chain, especially as a beginner.

  1. Cheap Gas Fees:  Solana is pretty cheap now for people to acquire, the gas fee is very affordable and one can easily start from scratch to stack up funds from getting whitelist of a free mint.
  2. Budding Ecosystem: Solana launched in the year 2020 compared to  ETH which launched in 2015. In my opinion, you are still early interacting and trading on the solana ecosystem which gives us a chance to cop some good projects early and have a life-changing experience

Of course, there are some disadvantages to the Solana NFTs which are rate of rugpulls, Undercutters , but that doesn't outweigh the advantages laid out above and it still stands to be the best way to up your NFT game.
Some People you should follow on the Solana NFT ecosystem to keep you updated:

Okay that's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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I believe SOL NFTs is the future of blockchain and its ecosystem. The degens are much and I think it will be back by the next bull run
This is very useful information. Hope to put this into practice
example - Habitat
solana chain is best and very good nft on this chain