Really typed and cleared a million I hope this one makes sense.

9 Sept 2022

Everyone is going through a lot, me too
When do we eventually stop going through
gbas gbos daily. Today is one of those days, I
try to remove myself from myself and put my
legs into people's shoes. It won't fit) vice
versa. These are for the things I'm aware of,
what of the other issues they haven't told me
about, or I just haven't noticed because I'm
too busy going through my own a lot.
When I was growing up, I thought my parents
had perfect lives. Now, I can't stop myself from
imagining how they struggled and I judged
them for not giving me 199. Hon/Mrs Ekanem
went through a lot. They didn't even have
friends really, so who was their shoulder to
lean on I am crying because what?????
I can't blame my dad for expecting Al's
because that will be the only trophy and joy for
the gbas gbos he went through. 

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