Graph Analytics - Relationship Analysis

6 Jul 2022

You may not have heard of graph theory before, but it is a topic that is becoming more and more popular in the world of data.

Graph theory is the study of graphs and their properties.

 A graph is simply a collection of nodes (or vertices) and edges connecting them. In the context of data, graphs can be used to represent any type of relationship between entities. For example, social networks can be represented as graphs, with nodes representing people and edges representing friendships. So too can the bulb community when you consider who is posting, reading and commenting on different articles and network is formed and a community can be visualised using a graph database. 

Graph databases are a type of database that are designed to store and query data in the form of a graph.

Graph databases are becoming more popular as the need for more sophisticated data analysis grows. There are many benefits to using a graph database, including the ability to easily find patterns and relationships in data.
If you're interested in learning more about graph theory and graph databases, check out this article.

12 Best graph database Software

Graph analytics can be used in a variety of industries, but it is particularly well-suited for fraud detection in the insurance industry. Insurance fraud costs billions of dollars every year, and it is difficult to detect due to the complex nature of insurance contracts. Graph analytics can help to uncover fraud by finding patterns in data that may not be apparent using other methods.

If you work in the insurance industry, or if you're interested in learning more about graph analytics, I encourage you to check out this article. 

Fraud detection with Graph Analytics


Final Thoughts

Graph theory and graph databases are powerful tools that can help to make sense of complex data. With the right application, they can be used to solve a variety of problems.
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This post explores the interesting topic of graph analytics and relationship analysis, highlighting the importance of visualizing and understanding connections between data points. It offers valuable insights and tips on how to leverage these techniques to gain deeper insights into complex datasets.
Johnson Chau
I've seen Facebook use graph API to get data like friends, interactions and posts. Especially for social media, graph databases are extremely useful to identify relationships between people. Awesome share!
@Napes can these graphs be used to find peoples interests?
Graph databases when combined with behavioural analytics can provide and enable your recommendation engines. Or put simply provide suggestion of other products purchased by people similar to you.