Dear Me in 5 years

21 Nov 2022

Have you ever wondered what will become of you 5 years from now? Or 10 years from now? 
Life as complicated as it may seem sometimes needs a moment where we ponder about a whole lot of things. 

Here is a letter to Me in 5 years

Dear Me
I hope this letter finds you well, it's gonna be 5 years from this day when you finally get to read this piece I am about to send to you. First, I just hope you didn't dump your generational wealth for peanuts... haha 

There is a skill you are learning now and I hope you get perfect at it in 5 years, it may have been a rough ride with all that is going on, but I just hope you didn't let go of your dreams. 

You are about to get a certificate from the university, I really don't know what to say about that, but the quick question is 'are you really using it for anything?'. I can't wait to hear the answer to that.. 

Are you still in touch with all your wonderful friends and is everyone you loved still alive? Did your heart get broken by the sad realities of life?, I hope not because this day will only be a memory of the times you had to share with them.

Well, dear Me, I hope you did not hurt anyone along the journey of life. And I hope you appreciated this day and enjoyed every moment you had with your friends and family. Because every second of every minute comes once, same with opportunities. I just hope you did not let any opportunity pass you by.

Dear Me, I also hope this message doesn't meet in the same country as you are right now, I hope you were able to tour the world with the girl of your dreams and you are happily married with kids.

There is a whole lot I would like to know about how you turned out, but this is where I end my message, but in all you do, Love God and stay faithful. You are definitely gonna be proud of the You, you are today.

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This is a deep message and something not ponder about... Everyone seem to have plans for the future, but have we really taken out time to ponder on the outcome of life. What if we make a drastic decision or just losse everything Will life still make meaning to Us. Well, I hope for the best in 5 years😩
I wonder what Me in 5 years will be like. Will I be proud of myself? Will I be accomplished? Will I be alive? Will I be a father? Will I achieve all my dreams There’s just a whole lot to think about
journey of life is step by step. We live with the hope that tomorrow will be better than today. we learn new things and make new friend. We grow our carrier and wish the best out come
If I am to write a letter to myself in the future I really don't know what I will say, I just hope to be proud of the person He becomes in 5 years. Now thinking about it, what will be will be, hello to my future self