Traitor - A new TV series

23 Oct 2022

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When one thinks of a traitor we immediately we think about those people
whom which we have known to have acted in a deceptive or unscrupulous way. 

The purpose of this post is to share my views on a new TV series The Traitor airing on 10 play currently.  It is a game of lies betrayal and deception.


A game of deception, betrayal and lies, where contestants undertake a number of challenges to win. In attempting to win the major prize, among the contestants are four traitors tasked with sabotaging the challenges and influencing who should be eliminated.  The contestants must find the traitors and eliminate them while the traitors attempt to eliminate the contestants. The traitors can also eliminate contestants who they think are threats and may reveal their ultimate identity.

Each week someone is eliminated and the contestants hope they have eliminated a traitor, if not the traitors will eliminate one of their own

The Contestants

There are 24 contestants on the show 4 of them are traitors with contestants attempting to eliminate all the traitors.  

The problem

The producers missed a real opportunity with this TV series and as a result, in my view, have reduced the potential viewership. Admittedly I missed the first episode, and as I was watching episode two i was enjoying the challenge of identifying who the traitors were, after half an episode I had thought I identified one for sure and a few other potentials. 

However, the traitors were revealed and were discussing their tactics, which was underwhelming as the challenge for me, the viewer, was to identify the traitors and the surprise was revealed all too soon. I had lost interest. The challenge for me to guess the traitor was no longer there.

In my view, next season, if there is one, should keep the traitors identities hidden. It makes in interesting for the viewer to use their powers of deduction based on the lies betrayal and deception they see of those on the show. In my view a missed opportunity!

Have you seen the show and what are your thoughts?

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@Napes I have seen little clips and adverts of this show it does seem interesting and is the best new kind of game show from what I’ve seen. P.S watching it now
Feef Symonds, a British spy-in-training, finds herself in a predicament when her American lover tells her to spy on her own government to root out Russian moles.
Sounds like fun. I'll see it this weekend
@napes are you going to give us an update on this series you seemed interested and i was waiting for your part 2. is this series finished yet?