Crypto funds

8 Jun 2022

Crypto funds are a relatively new form of investment funds, which emerged from the growing awareness of and interest in cryptocurrencies. Investors interested in enjoying some of the volatile, yet often large returns of cryptocurrencies but not interested in the high risk and the process of trading on the crypto exchange can invest in these funds. Crypto funds are funds that either exclusively contain cryptocurrencies, or funds that manages a mix between cryptocurrencies and other assets. This rather new segment of the investment industry is growing, with new funds launched and new inflows to already existing funds, and the assets under management of crypto funds reached more than 59 billion U.S. dollars as of third quarter 2021. In April 2022, Fidelity Investments announced plans to include bitcoin as an option in 401(k) retirement accounts later that year. Other major investment management firms followed suit with Blackrock launching its blockchain ETFs several days later.

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