Shiba burning rates are increasing, the price is increasing

24 May 2024

Shiba stands out with the development it has experienced since the day it was first released and the system it has introduced to the blockchain field. Although the high level of Shiba maximum supply has also affected its price, the maximum supply is gradually decreasing thanks to the developed Shiba burn system.
With the development of the Shibarium system and the support of Shiba investors, 410,726,456,468,265 SHIB tokens have been burned and deleted from the market since the first day. Burning rates have increased significantly with the increase in network transactions and shiba trade that has been developed recently.
In addition, thanks to the staking system, it is aimed to reduce the supply in circulation. The current number of shiba stakes stands out as 6,196,148,265,001 shiba. At the threshold of all these data, the circulating supply of shiba is 583,077,395,266,732 It is launched as a quantity. Looking at the last 24-hour data, Shibburn rates have reached a record rate of 632 percent in 24 hours. Shiba is currently traded at $0.00002444.

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