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14 May 2023

Navra started walking on the road which means he puts more weight on his left leg. That's why his body is swinging like a stick. 'Nalsaheb' of Muharram takes similar measures. Due to this similarity, the people of the village know Nevara as 'Nalya Nevara'. Nevra is seen walking through the village with a malaka ganjifras on his body, an akhud dhoti underneath and a white cap on his back. Not much. He is in the field tending to the sugarcane of the crop. But his house is in the village.

Despite being a Kunbi caste, Nevara's mother is called 'Baja Vanin' by the people. This old woman is tall as a spear, but bent like a sickle by old age. She has kept a grocery store in this room in her house. Her shop has a lot of goods like jaggery, mana-paili oil, sher-mapat peanuts. With a bukka on the forehead and a necklace around the neck This old woman sits on a smooth floor and wisely collects eight annas per rupee. Even if he borrows money or two, he sits at someone's door and bangs his mouth when it is recovered. She doesn't give even a single penny of her income to her son. Although tobacco is needed for smoking, the nevar has to pay in old age. But the old woman takes money from the boy to bring the goods to the shop. Travels to Pandhari by car every month. The height tears the body and eats away at the soul. Nevara's wife is also a big hardamkhyali. Bajachi's daughter-in-law blackens her teeth by applying dental varnish. Puts an opium pill in the cradle and walks around the village in groups. People say, Nevara should beat his wife well once in a while. But this thing was not to be done by the hands of Navra. Once he himself was soft by nature. The dry load was unyielding on the platform. And the second is that he laid hands on his wife; So there was no hope that she would sleep peacefully. On the contrary, if she gave four hits, how difficult! The proof of this was not to himself, but to the old man several times. When she went to confront her daughter-in-law, she Both hands were held and four were placed on her deep cheeks. It was warned, "Remember Therde, if you mention my name again, I will break my legs!" Baja was not a woman who kept silent. She gathered the whole village with her hands on her face. Filed a complaint. But people knew the quality of both of them. As 'Kutta jaane aur chamde jaane', not everyone took anything to heart. Then the angry old woman hit the daughter-in-law with a reed. God put 'Karani' did. But the daughter-in-law escaped from everything.

She had become an old man's father! And in all this chaos, poor Nevra was holding his life in his fist and pushing the day. It was getting worse day by day. Nevra Baili has fallen, so people are not coming to the village. Due to the burden of debt, he was in a state of ruin. How did Nevara get burdened when there were farmers and farmers? Because of his mother and wife. The old woman used to bring the goods and ask the town's shopkeeper to put the loan in Nevara's name. She left for Pandhari, which means she had to take five-twenty five rupees from someone else and give her for the traveling expenses. Wife village He used to steal gold from goldsmiths. Both of them used to live in the house of mother-in-law and mother-in-law Bamana. Used to tear the pulp of thirty rupees each. Drink strong tea ten times a day. How will this spending behavior be met? The burden is too much. Nevara does not like food sweet! Once he had an interview with Gana Chalapaty. Gana was sitting on the steps of a newly built house smoking a cigarette. The man was very intelligent. For many days in his life he wandered from city to village. There was a rumor in the village that he had a lot of money. How it was cut in the English style. A day later he shaves a smooth beard and wears a soap-washed cuff-collared shirt. His knowledge about radio, gramophone, customs of Parsis and Europeans, railways and Bombay was amazing. He owned such rare items as a wind-proof lamp, a flint of a bud and a bicycle. Gana was a really big man. Even his wife could read the paper.

Gana saw him while Nevra was walking carrying the stick of his body and called him Called. He said, "Come and smoke a cigarette." It was a matter of great pride to be called by a valuable man like Gana and let him smoke a white cigarette. Navra sat down and swallowed the smoke in relief. Then Gana said, "Navona, you have become a sandbag, Nevra. What is Shik Haise?" A person comes down because of the worry of the god!" "Why do you worry about the god? Bakkal Kunbawa Hi, you can earn money on the old curse...." Said, "Don't make me!" Fire in hand. Lai vadawad chaliya ex!" "Whose thing?" "Paikyachi... and the other kanchi?" "You speak a liar!" "Now! With your neck, Rm. Escaped, speak...." " Escaped. But why? Why does someone like you care?" As a matter of fact... But the people of the house do not bathe well, count. Old woman and wife in my blood account!" "How is that?" "Old woman takes money for goods. Wife's living expenses are very expensive. People's giving has started bugging me!""" The food that I ate was eaten by me!" "Who should I tell? Don't talk to anyone, bug. Eat your heart out and keep quiet.

Today, you touched Kalja, that's why I spoke. Tell me how to get out of this entanglement. You are a wise man. Acting in Shergaon. Wait for Mother Adani!" Bhagav Boja! Getting it, it will break!" Then both of them remained silent for a while. It was dark. There were lights from the houses in front. Gana will sit on the lemon tree next to his house The white herons had disappeared. The cold wind was gone. Then Gana took out another cigarette. Offered one to Nevara. So he said, "No to me!" "Why, right?" "No. We were not used to it. It started. Barsan eel. Tobacco sits around this. You wad!" Gana exhaled. "Nevra, Gadya, I speak... but you will find it difficult, right?" "Nhai. you speak Oh, what the hell can you say? Tu maja ka vadya hise ka? Do this - sell a piece of Jiminy. There is no other way except that!" Nevra said no, but Gana's advice was difficult for him. What a bastard it is to sell the land earned by the ancestors to pay the burden for the sake of luxury! What will the public say? Nevra got angry with his old lady and his wife. Both of them had put a noose around his neck. "Count, how to do that? What will the people say?" "Oh, the people will come to pay your burden why If the stove is burning in your house, who will feed you?" Nevra did not say anything, Ugi remained sitting. Gana just told this story, there was no such part. While sitting alone, this thought came to Nevara too. But he was not in the mood to sell the land. It was a shame to even have such a thought in his mind - that was his feeling. But now when even a wise man like Gana suggested the same solution, his mind began to waver. It was felt that the land should be sold; But he did not speak to Ganapa like that. He said, "It's over, Gana." goes The animals used to make animosity!" and got up and went to Rana. - Then the same thing kept bothering him for four days. - And finally he decided to sell the land. Two acres for sale. Should this be done alone or four people should be consulted? Consider old age? But what to do with someone's thoughts? I'm dying to give; Is someone going to save me? Free hi everyone! If your life is happy, use this land and cattle! If I die of worry, will the land come with me? And old age though? Even the wife will come to deliver to the door. Then why should we consider anyone? It should be sold in one piece and be clean. Then Gana met Nalya Nevra with urgency. Sitting under a lemon in the dark at night, they both spoke. "Gana, I waited for what you told me!" Did you see the shopkeeper?" Jimin ex hi. I will do what she wants. Now no one met the shopkeeper Mathur. I didn't meet, what can I say, I didn't go to the corner!" "So?" "Shit, shit!" Oh, what should I do? Hi your Jiminy! What are you doing? Man, what did you think of me as Jimin Paige ? Put you on the huli?" "No, yes, not with food! But I am the one who says, "You should eat it!" In fact, Gana wanted to take the land from the mind. In fact, on the same account, he had asked Nevra to wait. But how to show that, so he took a different approach.

Many excuses were given. "Nevera, I don't have any money. How can I take Jimin?" Pay two to five rupees less, but you take the land!" Finally Gana agreed to take the land; And in the next two days 'Isar-Pavati' happened. With a thumbs up, Nevra came home with a hundred rupees in his wallet. He ate his fill that day. Another day is over. Nevra came home to eat bread at night and seeing the situation there, he was sweating profusely. The old man had prepared a noose by hanging a rope from the middle. His wife Varvanta was sitting in front. It was as if she was waiting for Nevara to come after making preparations.

As soon as he came, both of them Deeply laid. "Oh, how come you were born a butcher?" Erm, how do you like the land acquired by the fathers?" Why did Jimin eat without asking his mother? Now why should we put bib on the stomach?" The wife started hitting her head on the top and the old woman stuck her neck in the noose with a knife under her feet! Panicked, Nevra shouted with his hand on his face, "Why did you come like this?" Do you want me to drink black water?" You will climb the gallows! I die on the gallows to see your work. Let me be a cross! Nevra went and shouted at her, "Are you going to die by breaking your forehead?" Oh, so I'll be beaten?" and he began to cry. But the wife did not miss her husband. Veravanta said with her head, "You are not a husband, you are an enemy... an enemy! I am in awe of taking such a husband as his wife! There was only one canal in the house. Someone died in Nalya Newra's house, so the whole village gathered. Everyone saw this spectacle. Finally, four knowledgeable people came forward and they understood the old woman, "Are you open ?" Will you hang the whole village and make them go to court ?" "Jimin for rent!" I'm done! My house rose from the village! Now why should I live?" Then Nevra began to cry to the village, "Why should I do it, lku nhai ter? The body is burdened! Paika Anu Kutla? I will die by eating reeds, so that both of them will be at peace!" The old woman rubbed her hands and said, "Oh, die, die, die ! I'll be freed with a hug ! " - and she clenched her teeth in anger. Gritting her teeth, she slumped down. Then the people took the ult and put it in their teeth and opened their teeth. Nevra, who was sitting nearby, began to cry to the mother, "Mother, you must not die." Oh, I haven't met Jimin yet; Let's just make a complaint, withdraw it, cancel it. Be careful!" The old woman was careful.

Leaving the noose, the congregation reconciled two or three and everyone went from house to house. After washing his wife's forehead, Nevara filled it with a stone leaf. He put both of them to bed and cooked food himself. We ate and fed the wife, mother. When Nevra went to Gana to cancel the visa-receipt, it came to know that he has gone to Pandharpur and will not come for eight-fifteen days! The old woman and his wife kept the nevara on the hot pan until the gana came. Where did the wisdom come from and did this sin, it occurred to Nevra. After undergoing Yamayatna for eight-fifteen days, he came to Gana. Said, "Gana, ex-Jimin Diyachi Nhai." "Why, right?" "Nhai Diyachi, it's true." Why and how, what's the use of Icharun?" "But you didn't know this, didn't you?" Nevara's voice rose to the sky. Oh, it's cool to know! But there will be two murders in my house... I'm going on black water if Jimmy sleeps! Why do you do it without knowing? Take your offering back and give it to me!" "Why should I give it to you? Is this my house?" "What is it, sir?" "What money did I have to keep to buy your land? I went around fifteen houses and collected money to buy land. The mortgagee took out thirty-six yards in advance of the hundred, and now you say you don't want to give the land; I was so drowned!" "Gana, I fall at your feet - take my life now. Oh, let me die my death; Why are you shouting anymore?" "What are you doing to such a soft talker? You get five hundred rupees including your isar. What do you want me to do with your land?" Nevra tried a lot, but she didn't get caught. Then Never has driven his own ten thighs. In anger he went to the cottage and wrote a promissory note and withdrew five hundred rupees. They were placed on the bed of the host and spread out Handed over to the old woman to put in the stove! Navra does not roam around the village anymore, he stays in the forest. The burden on his head is the same. - And Baja Vanin and her daughter-in-law don't mind!

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