Tips on how to create an Epic Landing page.

22 Dec 2022

A landing page is a single web page that appears when you click on a search engine-optimized search result.
A landing page is a little different from a website, A landing page is mostly used for marketing and has only one main call to action button while a website is made up of different landing pages. On a website, you have quick links that take you to another page where you can obtain pieces of information.

Tips On How To Create An Epic Landing Page

  1. Hero Section: Your landing page must contain a Hero section. Just as the name implies, A Hero section is that section on your landing that gives your customers a First impression. You need to capture your customer's attention in this section and that is done by using big, bold, and catchy headings and a matching image or illustration.
  2. Problem Statement and Context: This must be matching with your user's target groups, if your product fails to deliver the solution to the main problem your potential customers are facing, they will automatically lose interest in your product. To achieve this, you need to be very good at capturing attention with your content else you will lose their interest easily.
  3. Feature and Solution: This segment is used to show how a product can help users in different areas of life and work. You can list out the important features of your product using simple and relatable icons to show how a product can be of good use and benefit to your customer and this should be done with short and concise content.
  4. How it works/Get Started: This is the segment where you have to convince your potential customers that your product is easy to use. This segment requires simple design, columns, cards, and visuals that are easy to recognize at first glance.
  5. Incentives and Benefits: This segment is used to be used to show short benefits a potential customer could get by using your product. Your content should always be about the user, another way to gain customers is by introducing incentives. it could be free consultancy or a bonus on referral.
  6. Testimonials and Reviews: It is believed that people seek emotional comfort and approval. we all like to feel safe, and we know what to expect before we take action for something. Some people are used to seeking people's approval before the procedure to carry out anything.
  7. Final Call To Action: This is one of the most important segments of a landing page, be very specific with what you want your customers to do. A good CTA communicates what your users should expect when taking action.
  8. Footer: The purpose of this segment is simple. its helps visitors by adding information and navigation options at the bottom of web pages.

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