Finding True Happiness.

22 Jun 2024

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Why spread hate? Make people happy.

The Road to Happiness

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Yes, we have all been on this journey for a long time, searching for happiness. Why do we do this? To live a better life, to breathe peacefully, to sleep soundly. The quest for happiness never ends, but life does have a definite endpoint. Will we find that road to happiness before then? Or are we already on the path? Let's not debate that. Instead, we should focus on finding the way to happiness.

Stay With Family

The most valid and sure way to find happiness is to stay with your family. Be with them in good times and bad. Spend time with them. You might be working an office job from 10 AM to 5 PM, and I completely understand that you have a lot of work. But make sure to carve out some time for them too. Weekends are perfect for celebrating your presence with your family. Make it worthwhile. Buy them gifts or things they desire. Seek advice from the elders, share your feelings with your partner, read stories, or play with the younger ones. Their smiles and joy will bring you happiness. It's the best way indeed.

Take a Trip

In this digital age, everything is at our fingertips. But there is a significant difference between real sightseeing and looking at artificial pictures. I suggest you take a trip. This will not only change your mood but also give you immense pleasure, starting from the day you plan the trip. New experiences await to make you happy. Go for it.

Help the Poor

Nothing can match the pleasure of helping others and witnessing their happiness. The world has changed rapidly, but many people still struggle to change their circumstances. Let's help them in any way we can. Their unspoken gratitude will show you what happiness is. You will feel worthy.

Plant Trees

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Have you ever hugged a tree? Put your face against the bark? Smelled a new leaf? Maybe not. Just try it, my friend. You will feel it in your heart. But remember, we are damaging our ecosystem by cutting down trees at an alarming rate. We should plant more trees to keep the world greener. Plant a tree with passion. You will be happy every time you see it grow. Watching your planted sapling grow into a tree brings a happiness that words cannot describe.

Pursue Hobbies

Do you ever think about your hobbies, or are you just chasing money? Dear friend, we should take care of our soul and body. As children, we had many hobbies, but as adults, we focus on the relentless pursuit of money. If you seek happiness, you should know how to keep your soul alive. Revive your hobbies. Make time for them. You will feel more energetic.

Connect with the Almighty

I could have started with this, but I want you to know that this is the ultimate way to find happiness. This is the fast track. No matter what religion you follow, just kneel down and ask for forgiveness. Your inner soul will find a way to connect with the Almighty. This happiness will be permanent, bringing peace to your soul.

Key Points to Remember

Dear friend, happiness is hidden inside you. No matter which path you walk, happiness and sadness will follow you. Understand that it's up to you to be happy. Let me tell you something special: it's not about choosing the road to happiness. It's about making any road in your life the road to eternal happiness.
You have got the message.
Don't spoil it.

Ending Thoughts

Until we meet again, stay curious, stay connected, and above all, stay true to yourself.
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