Revolut’s Crypto Learn & Earn Program

28 Nov 2023

Revolut‘s Crypto Learn & Earn program introduces an exciting avenue for users to delve into crypto education while reaping rewards. This innovative feature seamlessly integrated into the Revolut app offers digital tokens as incentives upon successful completion of cryptocurrency lessons.

To engage in the Crypto Quiz, users must possess a Revolut account and access it through the app’s hub section. The Quiz encompasses various lessons, each focusing on different cryptocurrencies such as Algorand, Avalanche, Polkadot, and 1inch. Completing these lessons with accurate answers earns users digital tokens.

Understanding the reward system is crucial for optimizing this initiative. Rewards received through this program function as any other cryptocurrency in the Revolut account, allowing users to sell or transfer them at will. The rewards are paid in cryptocurrency, yet their fiat currency equivalent is also provided for reference, reflecting the market value at the lesson’s completion.

However, there are some constraints to note. Users can only claim rewards once per lesson or course. Limited availability of rewards should also be considered, and rewards may take up to a day to appear in the account post-completion. While access to lesson content remains open after completion, rewards cannot be claimed multiple times for the same lesson.

The program is currently available in select regions such as the EEA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Brazil, with possibilities for expansion in the future. It’s essential to complete the foundational ‘Crypto Basics’ course to access advanced lessons.

Revolut reserves the right to modify or remove reward amounts, making timely completion of lessons crucial. By understanding these intricacies, users can maximize their experience with Revolut’s Crypto Learn & Earn, utilizing it as a rewarding crypto education platform.

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