My Cryptocurrency journey

19 Oct 2022

Hii everyone, my name is Aniket.I start my crypto journey by joining airdrops of different  projects. Talking about airdrops,Airdrops are free coin or a token which is given to early/tester/promote of a project .this is the way of crypto projects .Airdrops I have got are Vpad,sold,cherry network, and few more.
And currently  I m doing futures trading, as you all know its a high risk high reward game . So I like to take risk.
Apart from all these I have also made huge profit and huge loss in futures.
Mine highest profit a day was 1700$ and mine highest loss was about 1000$.
my 90% of the profit goes right,but the 10% also liquidates my all funds to 0.
Futures trading are like double or nothing king of thing,and always make sure that you are saving your phraskey or seed phrase at a safe place .
This was all about my crypto journey, hope you all liked it

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It's 100% true crypto markets are subject to market risks, read all schmes related documents carefully
But at end we should not give up, we should keep trying our level best. and keep on hustling and grinding
Talking about mine I have lost so my funds
Inspiration journey
That's great journey, Learned a lot from this article. Awesome one
As a beginner in crypto market, we have a lot of things to learn from this article
It looks like our both of us story is same, I have also won all these airdrops but didn't booked the profit at all
Liked your journey it's very motivatiing
As everything has ups and downs we should learn something good from the down part, isn't it buddy? What do you think?
Yes it's 110% true, high risk high reward