Happiness at last

14 Dec 2022

Taking medicines constantly, even knowing it's wrong,
Cutting deeply into my skin while tightly gripping my blade.

When I look the worst, I always attempt to appear my best.
I believed that drinking would quench my thirst.

When I was older, I wanted to have children so they could tell good stories.
But why would I say to my kids that all I wanted to do was burn in hell?

I had way too many issues.
physical assault and beating
My legs, wrists, and arms all had gashes and bruises.

I considered myself to be a powerful girl.
I lacked all strength.
After that, I came to terms with the truth of life.

To put my life back on track, I made the decision to stop and act morally.
Since I could never get it back, I realized how much I had wasted and that I needed to make a difference.

I've improved as a person.
I'll turn 16 soon.
I can't believe how foolish and immature I was, as well as how eager I was.

The use of all substances, drinking, cutting, and pain.
I'm now one step ahead in this game as they have all vanished.

I'm finally happy.


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