Cheers to new beginnings!

17 Sept 2023

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When I submitted my resignation from my former job, I was fortunate to already have a part-time gig lined up for me. To be honest, it partly made quitting my job easy. I knew I’d something to keep me going.

However, you can never be so sure about a new job, whether it's part-time or full-time. So, I had my fair share of worries about my new job, hoping that it would be more enjoyable than my former role.

My new employer is a completely different person, unlike anyone I have ever worked with. We live on different continents, but our differences aren't even culture-related; we are just different human beings. It would take a full book to truly describe him.

I’d thought that would be a problem. Like a big problem.

But I was wrong. What I needed to do was understand him, which, luckily, I do now. And phew! Boy, it feels so good. Knowing what my employer expects of me and understanding my role better. I'm just really settled in now, and I genuinely enjoy my role. Are there 'tough' days? I mean, wouldn't my job be boring if it wasn't demanding? But it's alright. Work feels like that sometimes.

In all honesty, this is just what I need for my soul. Something I'm at peace with. Even though it came with many uncertainties, I'm glad I took that leap. The truth is, you just have to take that step; you can't be entirely sure of anything at all.

I've started working on my new bucket list, as mentioned in my last post, and I'm glad to be making progress. I believe it’ll all come together. That said, see y'all soon!

RIP Mohbad. I hope you truly find the peace you've always wanted. Rest well, champ!

Leisure Corner
Music Pick: I recommend Blessed, an EP by Mohbad
Movie Pick: If you ever catch me with a British accent, it's because I binge-watched Top Boy. Good movie, the hype fits.

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May this journey be filled with opportunities, lessons, and moments that bring joy and fulfillment. Cheers to the adventure ahead! 🥂✨
Top Boy, that british accent wins it in this show
RIP to this friend of yours
Very interesting article, thanks
Top Boy is a great series, it's good to see how Drake helped fund the last 3 seasons
cheers mate only great things ahead