Sleep Paralysis (1)

10 Oct 2022

On a chilly winter night.
I turned out the lights once I was in bed.

I was lying there in the dark, my thoughts racing.
A short while later, I dozed off deeply.

My misdeeds, I'd say, were innumerable.
Additionally, without God's pardon, I wasn't yet ready to pass away.

But the thing about death is that it happens to everyone.I got up at midnight to use the restroom but observed an odd scene in my bedroom.

I was still sleeping on my bed, just barely breathing.
For a while, I was terrified because of what I witnessed was unbelievable

I approached to try to awaken me, but every touch just felt wrong. 
I was at war with my dead body in this conflict.

I shouted at the top of my lungs, praying someone would hear me.
I must have passed away in my sleep, unnoticed.
I was questioning if it was just me leaving or if Christ was arriving.

*To be continued 

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I remember the very first time in my life that I had sleep paralysis, I thought I'd die. I was fighting for my life
Every part makes one long for more