📣 Newsletter 24h Friday - January 13 🔥🔥

13 Jan 2023

📣 Newsletter 24h Friday - January 13 🔥🔥

📰 Bitcoin crosses the $19,000 mark, the highest since Nov. 8 – the time when FTX crashed.

📰 US Department of Justice investigating Ian and Dylan Macalinao, 2 AEs behind Solana system TVL pump.

📰 Rumors that Twitter is about to launch its own coin and plans to auction usernames.

📰 US SEC accuses Gemini and Genesis of selling unregistered securities.

📰 NFT sales increased 13% to $549.5 million in December, breaking 8 months of decline

📰 Polygon proposes a hard fork on January 17 to handle the spike in gas fees and restructure the chain

📰 Rumor: China OTC stopped accepting USDT TRC20 due to FUD from Justin Sun

📰 Bill Gates thinks the AI trend is more revolutionary than Web3, Metaverse

📰+ Former President Donald Trump's new NFT collection allows owners to meet Zoom in person, have dinner with Trump, and more.

📰 Yuga Labs launches NFT Dookey Dash mini game with cool trailer

📰 Alkimiya raises $7.2M with participation from Dragonfly, Circle Ventures and Coinbase Ventures

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