Science of Love : Part-2

22 Sept 2022

Is this chemical love real love? Can love be understood in terms of biology and chemistry?

In love you have nothing of your own, everything is dedicated to the other.
That is, the street of love is so narrow that there is no place for two in it, one has to disappear.

There are also some conditions of love in which the first condition is freedom. If you do not feel free after falling in love and do not allow others to feel free, then your love is just the result of some chemical changes, nothing more than this.

Love starts with the mind and the mind decides its age. That is, the mind decides how long your relationship will last.

Until a few years ago, when there was no internet revolution, feelings had to go through letters to reach each other or lovers had to traverse a difficult journey. That too was not so easy in a society bound by restrictions and boundaries.

Relationships were also made with hard work and even before they got spoiled, there was time to think. The brain could process emotions, but thanks to the Internet's instant information, instant messaging and instant emotion, the age of love is declining these days. The life span of love is so short that it is difficult to decide whether you will change mobile phone first or your partner will change first because both action and reaction decide your fingers moving on your mobile i.e. instant messaging, true lie video calls And audio messages are fixed.

According to experts, love also takes hold of the mind like an addiction. Love is considered as habitual and addictive like intoxication, so it is also important to keep in mind that this intoxication should not dominate you so much that love turns into passion. Statistics testify that failed relationships, unrequited love and breakups have given rise to many crime stories.


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