Ways you may be sabotaging your relationship

30 Aug 2022

The foundation of any relationship is honesty. But sometimes we strive to present an image of ourselves that we are not, in order to look nice in front of our partner or potential partner. Trust is essential for a successful relationship. Being consistently honest with someone lets them know they can rely on you and on what you say. Remember that you cannot continue to pretend to be someone that you are not for a long time.

If you are not seeing your partner for who they are, and rather for what you want them to be, while creating scenarios in your mind of how things can be, that’s a bummer!

Acceptance encourages greater connection and caring in your relationship. That’s what keeps it strong(er). Expecting your partner to behave in a certain way or visualizing idealistic scenarios in your head won’t help you have a great relationship; instead, it will make you unhappy in it. You’ll never be satisfied, which will force you to sabotage your own efforts. reduce your expectations for a happier ever after.While in a relationship, there may be many red flags that you can notice, yet you may find making reasons to convince yourself that everything is fine. We ignore all the red flags and make excuses for them because we believe our intuition to be incorrect. As a result, we act in denial and go about life as if nothing is wrong. Sure, that’s always easier to do so than to deal with the pain of conflict. However, ignoring red flags can be toxic and may lead you into sabotaging your relationship yourself.

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