Gate of Hell...

12 Aug 2022

This temple of Turkey is called 'Gate of Hell', mysteriously dies as soon as you enter!

There is also a belief among people that the poisonous breath of the Greek god kills all animals.
There are many mysterious places around the world, about which different types of claims are made. One such place is in the Turkish city of Hierapolis. Here people call a temple as the gate of hell. People say that whoever goes near this temple dies. Not only this, it is said that once someone enters this temple, his body is not found.
According to, mysterious deaths have been happening here for the last several years. Surprisingly, apart from humans, the animal that comes in contact with this temple also does not survive. This is why people call it 'The Gate of Hell'.
At the same time, there is also a belief among the people that all the animals die due to the poisonous breath of the Greek god. During the Greco-Roman period, anyone who entered the temple was beheaded.

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