Anubandh part 2

1 Nov 2022

As luck would have it, her father's office gave her a job and her grandmother supported her by staying at home. But our grandmother is also old fashioned! Already our mother was upset because she did not have a son. She got tired because her own son suddenly left again. Therefore, she did not want the responsibility of the relationship. She brought us up under strict discipline. She always kept a watchful eye on us. Pooja used to tolerate all this with understanding, but I was completely against her! If I didn't like something, I would simply refuse to do it. Pooja is only two-and-a-half years older than me but our natures are so different! She speaks very thoughtfully and cautiously! So I'm a quick answerer!

Therefore, whether in the house or outside, I am so unpleasant! Again I am against getting married! Therefore, the grandmother's claim against me! When we used to argue, Nirvani's last words would be, "If you don't get married, my soul will not have any peace or the crow will not sew on the baby." Remember this!" Even mother does not want to speak so clearly but she too used to keep on blurting. She said, "What will people say if such a big girl is kept in the house without marriage?" "What are you going to say? Both of you think highly of people. Do we live for people? But I want to live for myself, I will marry when I feel like it. Even now, I don't want to get married." "Bhangar? Look Aparna, the society we live in has certain values and we have to follow them." "Mother, we have read all those values in civics! But nowhere did it say, think first what people will think and then make a decision." "If you have to go and say something, the person who says it is a fool." "But what I say is false? Pooja did a love marriage. So what will people say? What will people think if she gets divorced? And people will name names because I'm not getting married! Guys are only there to name names. Does it solve your problems? So what's the point of scaring people!" "O Aparna, where are you drowsy? When is your mother calling! Look, tell me, there is no problem in Pooja's office right?" "Grandma, she told her friend that there is some problem. She has no problem. Now don't ask me again anything about pooja. I am terribly hungry. I will eat first. And I think you too should not wait for puja." "Say don't stop! Today Sankashti, worship. Grandma made Ukdi Modak because she likes it." "What use? Aji will continue to insistently grow modak in the plate and start cannonballing his mouth from above. Will they even get down the throat of Modak Pooja? If you let her eat in peace, no?" Grandma was sitting behind me pulling the rosary. But I could clearly see her 'eat or swallow' look. Even though I ate straight away and went to the bedroom to read, I could clearly hear them both talking. Grandma used to say, "What is changing? What more? Have to see who will go! Being a mother of girls is the sin of seven births, lady! And let's not even talk about the girls who are so pampered on the head!" "Hey, what kind of pampering? He did not even get the love of a simple father. And I don't even get time to talk to him. Then what will Lad do?" "But does this behavior of the girl feel right? You strive so much so that Pooja gets the happiness of the world. But is the girl aware of it? The symptoms of these girls do not seem right to me. This is what happens when a man has no guardian over the house." "It's just luck that even after giving the idea of Pooja's first marriage to Raikar, he likes her. Now let's see!" Before she could finish her next words, the phone rang, so she picked it up. It must have been Pooja who spoke from there, because the mother shouted, "Aparna, come out first!" I could imagine the noise coming from my mother's voice and I was sure that this event would happen at some point. But even today he has to face the defeat Didn't think so.

I closed the book and went out quietly. Mother was pacing the hall restlessly. And the grandmother was asking her, "Oh Anasuye, tell me what happened. Didn't the boy have an accident or something?" Seeing me, mother said, "Ask this wise man what happened! Pooja is sitting at Jadhav's house and said to me, Aparna will tell you everything! We are the enemy of some! To hide everything from us? I have been watching so much from me! But she didn't give a damn!" "Mom, don't get me wrong. I would have told you where the pooja goes, but I didn't say anything because you would have taken the madman's interpretation of it and troubled yourself." "But you tell me what to make of the fact that Pooja goes to Jadhav's house. You are a lecturer of psychology! Only you can make a better sense, lady!" Mother said with excitement. As soon as she heard Jadhav's name, grandmother shouted, "What? Jadhav's house? What does this have to do with that house? The man who tortured her, ruining her life How did she step into their house? Did you forget the heartache during the divorce? What to say to this girl?" "Look mother, after hearing that Pooja has just gone to Jadhav's house, this grandmother's anger! Puja is aware of your reaction, that's why she didn't give any address. Think about her feelings at least!" "Ah, we unwed wives! Our thoughts too! You are smart, wise! Let us know what you think!" Look, I am younger than Pooja.

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Well, lot's of factors come into play
Both conversations lasted a very long time. However, during a lengthy conversation, both parties become enraged and exchange more shots. I have joined both conversations. I put a stop to both, and she later left the college. Vijay and I remain on campus.
Moving her hands from Ankur's face, she started saying, "Beta Ankur! My younger sister 'Chanda' is your mother. Now listen to this story." Both of us sisters had no father's umbrella. I was disabled. Mother was suffering from asthma.
I awoke this morning at a very early morning. My friend Anuj, who is calling from his phone, called me. Our registration process has started in the last several days, Anuj tells me. He also told me that we will be completing our registration process today. I have all the paperwork I need to register.
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