5 Tips To Do Study Well

20 Jun 2022

Here are the 5 tip to do study in a better way. By the changing time, it becomes very necessary for a person to get education. Education is now a essential thing in our life. Everyone want to get educated. But someone get distracted by some of the things. This causes problems in their study. People are also distracting by the social media. While study time put the the mobile phone away from you
Keep focus on study.

1. Making a Plan
If you make a plan that what and how much you have to study at a time. It will help to manage your time properly. It makes clearly to you how time you should spend on a particular subject.

2. Taking breaks
If your are doing continuous study, you should take a proper 15 minutes rest at a particular intervals of time. It depends on you when you want break. Take fresh breath and again ready to start study.

3. Proper Diet and Water
Avoid junk food and eat healthy home made food. Drink proper quantity of water.

4. Away from Social Media while studying
When your are studying, keep your mobile phone away from you to avoid social media distraction.

5. Take a good sleep
Don't do all night study, sleep early and awake early to study in morning. But it is necessary to take 6-7 hours sleep.

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Just as the saying goes that if we fail to plan we plan to fail. It is important for Us to know and learn how to study without being distracted for this will help Us a lot in our life's journey as we may have to study at some point in our lives
Your writing is amazing. I think students should rest before and after reading. Don't cram because my research shows that you tend to forget what you cram. It's better if you learn it and understand at once. Most importantly don't read because you want to have a better grade or position than someone but read because you want to know it.
including a bit of exercise is also a valuable activity to keep the mind fresh and i agree with staying away from social media