To My BestFriend

8 Aug 2022

I remember the first time we met through our moms it was pure and genuine friendship it was always real with you,I never got judged by you but you somehow alway managed to tell me the bitter truth and that was the thing with you.
you never really cared about what people around you thought you did a lot of stupid and crazy stuff with me never allowed me cry alone held my hand through the toughest times.
I remember when you lost your dad you completely zoined out ghosted from everyone ghosted me and everyone one too felt like I had lost you it just felt really different with you. I remember when you said no matter what happens with us regardless of the situation we should always keep in touch with each other but you broke what you said to me I’m really trying so hard to understand that it’s difficult for you at this time but let me in,let me do this with you I really wish you would let me cry with you how you would always be by my side anytime I was at my lowest. I really miss you 

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