Best Movies About the Stock Market

9 Feb 2024
Money, passion, ambition... In the events that develop around this triangle, paths often intersect in the stock market. Stock market movies, which bring all the unknowns of the stock market world to the big screen, are determined to instantly draw you in with their gripping fiction! If you want to see the consequences of wrong steps in the stock market and how things work in a universe where money plays the leading role, movies about the stock market are under the spotlight for you!

Stock market movies not only offer a fluent and enjoyable viewing with their exciting scenarios, but also contain critical tips for investors and investor candidates. In this file, we have written for you the best productions that we, as the Midas team, have chosen among the films about the stock market! Come on, let's examine together the best stock market movies that are among the cult movies and have never lost their popularity since the day they were released!

Wall Street

In Wall Street of the 1980s, Bud Fox, an ambitious stockbroker who does his best to get to the top, is amazed by the power of the ruthless and greedy Gordon Gekko, who wrote the book on the stock market. Fox, who does everything he can to get Gekko to mentor him, disappears in illegal ways for the sake of the stock market. In this complicated world of the stock market, will Fox be able to hear the voice of his conscience?

Wall Street, one of the most well-known productions when it comes to stock market movies, reveals the similarities between the stock market world of the 80s and today's stock market. Wall Street, which serves as a lesson for those new to the stock market, successfully spreads the theme of "greed" throughout the film. However, it also offers an exciting watch with its fiction that never loses its dynamism.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Belfort, a broker on the Wall Street stock exchange, made a sudden decision to establish his own firm, Stratton Oakmont, at the beginning of his career. His practical intelligence and talent for fraud offer Belfort a lifestyle he would never have imagined. So, how will this trend evolve?

Get ready to discover an unknown face of the stock market! While watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, you can walk in the back streets of the stock market, witness the most generous deals of wealthy people in suits, and learn the trickiest ways to make a huge fortune. The Wolf of Wall Street will offer you an experience that will make you want to be the leading character of the movie from time to time, and from time to time you will dream of making bigger profits in the stock market.

Boiler Room

Seth Davis, who runs a small but illegal gambling hall with his father, starts working in one of the stock exchange companies with the idea of making more money and leaving the gambling hall behind. Davis, who reached the position he dreamed of in a short time and earned a lot of money, enjoys this ostentatious life. However, in the future, things will not go as expected.

The young man, who thinks that the company he works for may be involved in some dirty business, will come face to face with his own conscience. Boiler Room, which tells the story of a man who took risks and entered the stock market, offers an enjoyable movie experience with its famous cast and cinematographic details.

The Big Short

Four friends, who understand long ago that the world economy is about to collapse and try to turn this into an opportunity, will spend their time, money and minds on this task. In the end, they will either be among the richest people in the world or they will hit the bottom with all their assets. The Big Short, one of the most successful financial films of the 2000s, features the famous faces we are used to seeing on the big screen.

The Big Short movie, which everyone interested in the stock market should definitely watch, is not only about the cast; It is also quite remarkable with its scenario and fiction adapted from the novel. So much so that The Big Short, which was nominated for a Golden Globe in four different categories, can be among your options if you are looking for a breathtaking stock market movie.

Inside Job

Inside Job, which deals with all the unknown equations of the financial world, is a documentary type production. This documentary, which tells about the causes of the global financial crisis that started in the USA in 2008, received the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2011. Inside Job, which deals with the financial devastation in almost all details and reveals the consequences of the crisis, promises a viewing experience full of intrigue and excitement. This production, which provides a detailed examination of the factors that led to the collapse and conveys important financial-political elements, is by far one of the best financial films for us!

Money, Power and Wall Street

Money, Power and Wall Street, about the partnership between the government and Wall Street, is one of the most popular stock market-related productions recently. This production, which is a documentary and tells about the financial collapse of 2008, examines the decisions taken, steps taken and all the mistakes made in the financial sector one by one. Thus, the documentary serves as a handbook for many people dealing with finance.

Too Big to Fail

Too Big to Fail, which makes it possible to take a closer look at companies that suffered financial losses after the economic collapse of 2008, addresses the financial loss that threatens the global economy from every angle. If you want to see the extent of the effects of the economic crisis, we can say that Too Big to Fail is for you. Adapted from the book of the same name by CNBC presenter Andrew Sorkin, the film reveals how the US economy works. It also gives information about what methods are used to prevent economic collapse.

Betting on Zero

The documentary Double or Nothing, which is about the dark times of a company whose shares continue to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange, describes a process related to the concepts of fraud and forgery. This documentary, which was released in 2016 and caused great controversy from the moment it was released, warns all investors who are considering investing in stocks in the stock market. If you plan to invest in the stock market, you should definitely check out this movie!

American Psycho

Although the movie American Psycho initially resembles cliché stock market movies, it later shows that it is much more than just movies about the stock market. The film is about the life of greedy banker and financier Patrick Bateman, who pushes the boundaries both in the business world and in his private life. If you are looking for a tense, striking and exciting stock market movie, we think you should give American Psycho a chance.

Margin Call

Margin Call, which is about the events experienced by an investment bank overnight, shows financial crises through the lens of a bank. In the film, which also deals with how the mortgage crisis emerged, a fiction that you will watch without taking your eyes off awaits you. Margin Call, in the thriller genre, is one of those you should kee
p in mind when you want to watch a financial movie where the adrenaline never stops!

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