Move-to-Earn Games

25 Jul 2022

What are Move-to-Earn games?

Move-to-Earn(M2E) apps enable users to earn passive income while engaging in routine physical activities.

Here are some to Move-to-Earn:

  • STEPN (GMT): STEPN is a Web 3 Lifestyle app and NFT game that rewards you for finishing workouts. GMT tokens can be earned by walking, running, cycling, and other activities. The greater your mobility, the more GMT you can earn.

  • SWEATCOIN (SWEAT): Sweatcoin is a game where you can earn money by walking or running. SWEAT is awarded for every 1,000 steps taken. You can then use your SWEAT to purchase items such as electronics, fitness equipment, and gift cards from the Sweatcoin marketplace.

  • STEP(FITFI): Step App is yet another move-to-earn fitness app that allows you to compete in the Metaverse via augmented reality and turn your fitness goals into income through friendly competition.

  • GENOPETs(GENE):  Genopets is a pet-raising game that allows you to earn GENE tokens by using movement to care for your "spirit animal" that evolves through your daily engagement. It is billed as the world's first move-to-earn NFT game. The better your pet care, the more GENE you can earn.


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I was aware of STEPN but not aware of the other move to earn games. Thanks for sharing I will take a look at each of these. I think it is great that these games have potentially increased activity and exercise amongst those involved. Being rewarded to become more active is great
The SWEAT app has been on my phone for weeks . I earn their token practical from moving around and sometimes when i drive. It is really cool