The Black in Gray

26 Jan 2023

This is the story of a boy who could not grow a beard, whose face never changed, and whose body never seemed to mature. It had been years, he crossed the annoying seas of teenage puberty yet he never actually felt the effects of puberty or even time on him. A boy, he remained, even after sixty long years. His peers looked like his fathers, people were even jealous of him saying he was gifted with immortality, calling him a god. But he knew he wasn't immortal, he knew he was no god. Even if he didn't look it, he could feel time in his bones, he could hear his heart slow down a tad bit of a second.

But what made this condition of his a curse to him was how he was seen, and perceived. First, he was seen as a liar, no one believed him when he told his age. Then no one took him seriously, even when he applied for jobs, employers saw him as a joke, a child. He had to find a way for himself, if the world would not give him a chance, he had to make one for himself.

It was hard, it was dangerous and it was lonely, but he started up something with the gift he had. He wasn't as big as the others so he had to be smarter. His work began to bear fruit, he gained some wealth. He made a friend on the way who believed him, who saw him not for outward appearance, but his passion, for his attributes. The universe, in all its good and evil knowledge, had other plans, he lost his friend to the cold hands of the afterlife.

Now here he is, a stranger in his own home, alone. Slowly slipping into the madness of heartbreak and a life not lived. He had suffered so much, he had endured so much. But this was his limit, this was the trip wire that sets off the grenade. So here he was, a man in a child's body, hanging by the neck from the chandelier, breathless, dangling in the air lifeless, hopeless.

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