Wait for the sun

10 Jan 2023

When everything is pitch black

You also feel really alone.

If it continues to rain and you are unable to get home,

It can't rain forever when everything seems gone and you want to flee.

Simply watch for the sun.

When a family is hurt,

When no buddies are available,

When you desperately want to shout but cannot make a sound,

When you are solely to blame,

And you think you're finished.

Simply watch for the sun.

The sun will shine.

Always, the storm clears.

It won't persist indefinitely.

Always, the rain ceases and the sun comes out.

The sunniest and hottest days are yet ahead.

Wait for the sun, please.

The sun will shine.

People who still care about you and need you

can make you feel warm inside like the sun is above you.

No matter what happens, you are never alone.

Await the sunrise.

Simply watch for the sun.

Black clouds always move on.

Trust me, young lady.

Everybody is waiting with you.

Simply watch for the sun.

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