Tesla FSD navigated 13-mile journey to Emergency Room to save a man, Elon Musk responds

12 Apr 2024

In the past couple of weeks, Tesla has provided a series of actions recognized for marketing its Full Self-Driving software – that could work in the potential sense for the future aiming to help the ones in needed situations like this one.

The article reports that Tesla's FSD technology was able to navigate a 13-mile journey to an emergency room in order to transport a man who was experiencing a medical emergency. The incident occurred in California, where the Tesla vehicle was able to autonomously drive the man to the nearest hospital without any human intervention.

According to the details, the Tesla owner was riding in the vehicle when the medical emergency occurred. The car's FSD system detected the situation and automatically routed the vehicle to the closest emergency room, navigating through traffic and following all traffic laws to get the man to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, responded to the report on Twitter, praising the capabilities of the company's self-driving technology. Musk stated that this incident demonstrates how Tesla's FSD can be a lifesaving technology, able to quickly transport individuals in need of urgent medical care to the appropriate healthcare facilities.

The article highlights how Tesla's advanced autonomous driving features can have real-world applications in emergency situations, potentially saving lives by getting people to the hospital faster than would be possible with manual driving. Musk's comments reinforce Tesla's commitment to developing safe and reliable self-driving capabilities.

Overall, the report showcases an impressive example of Tesla's FSD technology being used to assist in a medical emergency, underscoring the potential benefits of autonomous driving systems in critical situations.

In recent times Telsa FSD faced severe backlashes
One can say that delaying such an autonomous car's launch, or in no cases making it accessible for all, is a moral hazard for those who can't get to their desired destinations without the aid of the vehicle but are the ones who depend on it to drive them.

In the same way, it poses a danger and for those on the roads with some kind of health issues such as heart problems or stroke; they should stay mobile by continuing to drive their cars. FSD will keep the occupant out of the way and keep on the matter of finding the best solution, which may benefit it even though the system is not necessarily spoken into.

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