February 5 - 9: This week in NFTs, recapped in one letter

9 Feb 2024

It’s getting hot in here! Bitcoin is nearing $48k, the sentiment is good and the timeline is flooded with new decentralized tech aka Farcaster (we’ll get into that in a bit). Also, what on Satoshi’s name are ERC-404s?

In a milestone for blockchain tech mainstream adoption, GoDaddy integrated with ENS, making it easier than ever (and free) to import your DNS into ENS.

Speaking of empowering creators, the ForbesWeb3 Art Contest winning artwork will be minted as Open Editions on RARI Chain throughout the next week (speaking of the best NFT L3, you can mint a free Amber Vittoria artwork there in the next ~19 hours; thank me later!)

ERC-404 who? @cygaar got you covered. This 🧵explains the experimental token standard and the $240M market cap Pandora token.

Don’t trust, research (and yes, verify). 

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