Live life to the fullest

30 Jun 2022

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

A movie is described as a recording of moving images that conveys a story and people are able to watch on a screen or television. Who does not like to see a good movie? I believe everyone has seen a movie at one point in time or the other. When it comes to movies, there is a wide range of genres to pick as your favourite. Some people stay up all night watching their favourite movies and TV shows.

Personally, I can watch any genre be it romance, action, thriller, suspense, horror, adventure, comedy, crime, fantasy, documentary amongst others provided the movie is interesting and not a bore to watch.

As wide as this range of genres are, you notice we still have movies that are considered bad as well as good movies. It could be the acting or something that just didn't feel right about the movie hence, some get really bad reviews while others top the charts with the reviews. When you come across bad movies, you don't recommend it to friends and even tell them not to bother wasting their time watching it. It's the opposite for the good movies, you can even find yourself watching it more than once because you enjoyed it.

If your life was a movie, would you keep viewers glued to their screen?

The essence of this article is to remind you and I to live. There's so much we can do. So much we can be. Let's not limit ourselves. Sometimes life can feel like a horror movie, a crazy adventure and other times we might be living the romantic dream, comedy. We have fantasies too and yet there's the suspense of the future. All these different genres make up the beauty of life. I sincerely hope we live this life to the fullest because it's one hell of a movie!!! Let's keep the viewers glued.

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