Crypto – A Largely Undiscovered Passive Income Utopia

24 May 2024

The Core Of Crypto Ecosystems
If you are new to crypto, chances are you are here because you have heard reports of enormous gains. Yep, that’s the primary attraction regarding Crypto. However, there is more to this space than the volatility and the gains realized as a result. Essentially, Crypto was birthed as a peer-to-peer online cash alternative. However, what has unfolded since the Genesis block has empowered blockchain technology to reshape and remodel economic constructs.
Unfortunately, most people do not even understand the currencies they are already using and have been using for decades. With this level of apathy, it’s easy to understand why most no-coiners dismiss Crypto altogether. I have said this before, and will reiterate:

To attempt to speak authoritatively, and of strong opinion, regarding an issue you do not understand or have any knowledge of is one of the most significant signs of human foolishness and arrogance.

Essentially such a stance or thesis is merely an opinion based on the “standing” a particular individual believes they hold and is void of any meaningful data and factual evidence. In other words, complete garbage. This is why in Crypto, we promote DYOR. It’s a different approach to what many are familiar with. Data-based decisions accompanied and undergirded by a deep understanding of the Crypto space are generally fairly accurate.
Ignorance and a general lack of understanding regarding tokenomics and how it incorporates monetary policies along with token distribution are at the heart of the misconception that Crypto is a scam or Ponzi scheme. Only research and education can destroy this mindset and provide an understanding that can create the correct perspective.
Once a foundational understanding has been achieved, DeFi, yield farming, flash loans, staking, DePIN mining, and many other exciting economic ideas begin to make sense. Until there is a foundational understanding Crypto is considered a scam that gains traction by leveraging the greater fool theory. The irony is that the longer these individuals refuse to understand and accept Crypto, the longer they rob themselves.
TradFi has excluded many individuals from transacting and participating with particular financial products. However, no-coiners willingly exclude themselves from what will eventually become the new economic standard. It sounds like an exaggeration to some. However, my predictions from 10 years ago seemed even more outlandish then, and have since come to pass.
Incentivization is a key driver of WEB3 adoption, incorporating multiple opportunities regarding passive income models. Anyone in Crypto who is not benefiting from this dynamic is missing out on the essence of Crypto. These protocols are generally designed to empower through a monetary incentive. This incentivization promotes and encourages participation, and ultimately the growth of various communities and ecosystems.
At least 30% of any portfolio should be put to work generating passive income. Then there are additional avenues of passive income that require little to no capital. With the appropriate knowledge and application, the game changes and moves beyond speculation. However, many are solely focused on the idea of speculation. This is especially true in a bull market.

Free Passive Income (UPT/WEN)

Final Thoughts
Marrying speculation with passive income ideas in a bull market compounds profitability. Something that I have been involved in is assisting noobs with this particular idea, especially regarding staking. Consider for a moment that you began accumulating DOT at $4 to $5 and have since been compounding a return of approximately 18% APR and will continue to do so until the peak.
TradFi players must understand that the return rate is based on your coin holdings rather than your initial investment’s dollar valuation. This means that your passive income is increasing together with the price appreciation of the underlying asset. Time is running out, it’s time to awaken to a new world of economic activity and income generation. All the best, see you next time!

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