11 Dec 2022

I would say my greatest achievement this year is surviving, but I guess that would be a lie
I set out this year to be done with my studies completely but like it is said, life is not linear
A series of hard knocks but I stood strong
My biggest achievement this year is training 4 persons in sewing and that means sewing from the scratch
like Persons with no prior knowledge of sewing In a month they were able to go from learning how to paddle a machine to sewing a full outfit
I had a sewing outline that came with day to day tasks that enabled us to keep at a fast pace and learn effectively.

  1. know basic body measurements
  2. paddle a manual sewing machine
  3. reel a thread
  4. fix a thread on a manual sewing machine
  5. fix a needle on a manual sewing machine
  6. Sew straight lines
  7. Cut a pencil skirt
  8. cut a gown
  9. know different gum stays
  10. know everything about flays

this helped them to assimilate the training easily, I felt so proud to be a teacher.


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