How to Earn More Coins by Staking?

14 Nov 2023

For the average investor, it's vital of importance to figure out a certainty way in earning passive income. The right time, a appropriate strategy and necessary patience lead to financial success. In crypto world, there are many ways in making profits, such as mining, staking, liquidity pool, trading in spot or futures, geting airdrops and even writing for rewardings, etc. There's no doubt that defferent ways mean defferent requirements, mining field needs a certain amount of funds, it's not friendly to average investors. Trading requires certain strategies and trading skills, that's not fit for everyone.

No one can definitely tell you which one above is the best, no one can definitely tell you which one above will make you rich as well. What you do is to find out which one suits you, and then just keep doing. However, no matter which one you'll choose, the target is certain, which is profitable. In this article, let's talk about how to earn more coins by staking.

How to select a target ecosystem?

When it comes to staking, you'll consider to select a target coin or a token, but it's not the first step. Comparing to select a coin or a token, an target ecosystem are supposed to be considered. For instance, Ethereum ecosystem, Solana ecosystem, Polkadot ecosystem, Cosmos ecosystem, Avax ecosystem, etc.

Selecting an ecosystem first, and then researching a project. For me, I don't have a lot of assets for investment, so my investment period will be a last long time, which is more than 1.5 years. So I select Cosmos ecosystem. If you have relatively large funds and are a short-term investor, you also can choose Solana ecosystem or Ethereum ecosystem, because both two ecosystem are gathering a large amount of capital. Which means the probability of a chance of dozens of times is very small, but the probability of a chance of several times is very high.

How to select a target project?

If you are sure what's your target ecosystem, then puting your eyes and time on the research of the project, the indicators studied including the background, the roadmap of development, the maximum supply, the current market capitalization, the rank of current maket capitalization, the tokenomics, the potential opportunities, etc.

For example, I choose Cosmos ecysystem, so I have to learn much more about Osmosis, Cosmos, Celestia, Bostrom, Stride, Juno, Sentinel, etc. What I learn is not only the official announcement, but also the community's updates, the details of governance and proposals. Only by doing this, we can not follow other's foot. Just like a saying says, a sheep never leads, a lion never follows. To be a sheep or a lion in the field of investment, it depends on yourself.

Don’t be anxious about investing.

As we all know, the crypto market is volatility, the price is up and down at any time. So it's very normal that the price is puping up at this second and plummeting down next second. Which is an opportunity and a challenge as well for investors. When you choose staking this way to earn, don't be anxious about investing, don't be Fomo(fear of missing out), don't care too much about other people's opinions and the market's trends. Please insist on your strategy, and follow your pace, follow your heart, and you'll earn a lot.

If you wanna learn a lot about Cosmos ecosystem, you can read about this article I wrote before:The Cosmos Ecosystem: Riding the Next Bullrun Wave

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In my country the problem with staking are the taxes
Stacking is best source of passive income with less or almost zero risk. Need to invest in good project after good research.
i love staking crypto
Staking is one of the coolest features of crypto. It's wonderful to see your assets grow completely passively. Great article providing excellent tips, not only for those just getting into it but for everyone interested in the subject.
What a great post with some practical tips for those new to the concept. I agree that taking the time to conduct thorough research is a prerequisite. 🙏
nice .. interesting...
Agreed, beauty of Cosmos is full dashboard with all thing staking, plus you get airdropped extra tokens you can stake. Definetely a paradise for stakers!
Staking is more risky to me so I don't like it.
Very interesting and enjoyable article! Thank you
WOW! Very well written. Hence nobody can predict, which coin or token will explode next, a wide diversification is mandatory. Diversification over several chains is the next level of protecting the own capital.
Great article. I am a big fan of the Cosmos project. I have been following it for a while now and it has some huge potential. Staking is great but a good amount of good staking platforms are not allowed in the US. I have noticed that staking Wombat is decent way to earn from your sitting tokens. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to your next article.
Great article. Thank you.
Not every project can make you earn well when staking
Very interesting article about staking!
Great Article
Interesting write up! Stacking always good for passive income if we choose right project.
thx for this article. did you had negative experience with staking too?
Please, if not considered yet, keep in mind the unstaking period (21 days for Cosmos?) in your strategy
I love cosmos, the reason why is because I have too limited time to focus on other staking projects - like binance and ethereum. I mean its good if one can have multiple platforms to stake to diversify the risk. Maybe I'll consider that in the future. Thanks for the article, it is an interesting read and informative.