The Cosmos Ecosystem: Riding the Next Bullrun Wave

5 Nov 2023

Cosmos ecosystem, a high potential project group, be regarded as a wave of next Bullrun. A lot of investors and researchers all believe Cosmos is hard to become 'Ethereum killer' or so called 'Ethereum competitor' due to it's weak community and liquidity. Currently, Cosmos's coin-$ATOM has ranked 24 at a relevant market capacity with $3,000,000,000. With the launched of Celestia and high pumping up of Osmosis( $osmo), massive amount of smart money was attracted by this. Which inflecting on market is $OSMO raising up to 40% within 24 hours and the volume(24h) increased more than 1000%.

What's happen? How to grab this opportunity? How to establish way of passive income earning crypto? In this article, I will give you some information about Staking, and show you how to avoid unnecessary lossses when you engaging in staking.

Growing commission

If you are a staker in crypto, your intent would be to earn more in a certain time. Here are some tips for your consideration:

Is there a lot of potential of the project that you choose to stake
Does the interest can cover the inflation
Is the community active
Is the maximum supply of the project huge or reasonable
Is there any innovation when compare with other projects

Besides above, what you are concerning involves the APR(Annual Percentage Rate) and Commission fees. The APR is relative firm while Commission can be changed by validators. Taking OSMO Staking as an example, in general, most validators setting the commission fee at 5%.

However, some of them change commission very high even up to 100%, which means your rewards would be 0. In the following picture, 6 validators changed commission fees up to 100%, and this process was done without stakers knowing, no notifications, no prompts, this behavior actually harms the stakers, and it is also inconsistent with the spirit of decentralization.

If someone can restrict this kind of behavior via smart contracts, it will be a big improvement for the entire industry. Otherwise, it would be an alert of staking field. If you are interested in Osmosis, please feel free to join in Forum.osmosis

A Passed Proposal #676

The community of OSMOSIS recently has passed a proposal named #676, which rases the minimum gas from 0.0025uOSMO to 0.025 uOSMO on blockchain. This proposal is aimed to deal with arbitrage bot spam happening on Osmosis resulting in degraded performance. 10X increasing in transaction fees will lead a hug income for the liquidity providers. It also does a great effects on the price of $OSMO.

However, it's not positive for the ecosystem builders due to the increasing cost of buiding behaviors on blockchain, especially this occurs in a relative weak basic community. So my attitude towards this proposal is negative. What's your point of view, welcome to post in the comments.

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Cosmos Ecosystem is full of great projects and possible airdrops. All cryptocurrency investors should own at least 10 ATOM.
thanks for sharing this news
For airdrop hunters cosmos ecosystem is a must !!
Great project and reading
I haven't Cosmos in my portfolio, but now i'm ging to buy some
I haven't been taking any action on Cosmos yet, I prefer Solana more
Nice and very interesting article. Thank you
IM bullish in Cosmos ecosystem