A dream comes true

28 Mar 2023

A small friendly boy slowly approached me. He was holding a white paper plane. He slowly came to me and put the paper plane on my hands. From the look of his eyes, I could see hope and eagerness, yet I couldn't understand what he was saying as all I heard was loud noise calling for my name, "Lisa, Lisa!". He gave me the sweetest smile, ran to the back and I quickly woke up from my dream.

I was shocked, surprised and perplexed. What had just happened? I quickly went downstairs and called my mum. I gasped for air while holding my mum's hand. "Mum, I had the weirdest dream! A boy put a paper plane on my hands." My mum looked at me and asked me to sit down. "Calm down. Tell me what happened". I told everything that happened in my dream and why I was so confused as I never had that kind of dream before. "Maybe one day you will fly and achieve the dream that you want in your life," mum said.

The weirdest dream happened when I was 8 years old. I continued my life as a normal girl and pursued my studies in matriculation when I was 18 years old. Studying became an ordinary routine for me, especially when I was transferred to a boarding school when I was in Form 4. Deep inside, I had the wildest thought to stop studying, but I know I couldn't do anything without a good and proper education. But at the back of my mind, I still remembered the dream that I had about the boy and the paper plane. The dream was still vivid and somehow impacted my life without my conscious.

Nonetheless, things became different when my mum persuaded me to go to an interview of a twinning programme at a Teacher Training Institute. I was quite reluctant to go at the beginning, yet she said that it was the only golden opportunity for me to fly and make that dream come true. Being a very shy and less-confident petite, underprivilege girl, I felt that I was not qualified enough to do a twinning programme and study overseas. I was really surprised and overwhelmed when I was selected for 6 years twinning programme with Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom and IPG Kampus Antarabangsa.

Putting the suit for the first time with my collage mates at the airport was one of my proudest moments in my life. I knew deep inside my heart as well as my parents that they were really proud of me. I couldn't do anything without their support, love, and persuasion- of course!

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Yes I agree with you dreams come true. Someone once told me that if I had the zeal and determination to pursue my dreams that they'll surely come to pass. What belongs to you will always be yours if you can chase it with all of you.