Never cared

2 Dec 2022

You had me, yet you left without caring.
Even though I was your second child, you still weren't ready.

You were the one who made me feel horrible on the lonely nights when I was depressed.

Never did you offer to dry my tears.
Over the years, you weren't there for me.

You weren't there while I was alone.
I suppose that's because you weren't interested.

Because there were moments when I hoped I was dead, I could never forgive you for what you did.

I felt adrift and perplexed without a mother.
You would lose if parenting were a competition.

You never gave me a call or a letter.
How could you abuse your own child in that way?

You were the cause of my fear since you had me, left me, and showed no care.

Your greatest regret will soon be all the days I was upset.

You never even made a simple hello call.
You didn't even make a final call to say goodbye.

Numerous years went by with no word.
I've never heard somebody say "I love you."

You didn't give me any consolation when I was ill.
You didn't wrap me up when I was hurt.

No matter how many times you apologize, I don't want you in my life.

You didn't even give me one last kiss, so I'm simply going to act like you never existed.

You had me, yet you left without caring.
We never talked about my most significant memories.


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