Law of UX- 03

7 Sept 2022

I am about to reveal the 3rd law of UX ( User Experience ). These laws make it possible for users to have the best experience when using a website, application etc.

The 3rd law is Fitts' Law.

Fitts' Law states that for a user to acquire a target, it totally depends on the distance and size of the target. 

What does this imply?

UI designers should pay attention to the size of clickable buttons, and the position of the button as well for the overall experience of a user. 

Below are a few tips to follow through with,

  • Ensure that every touch target is large enough for a user to easily touch them.
  • Every touch target should have enough ample spacing between them for touching ease when the target is approached.
  • Always ensure to place a touch target in areas where they can be easily accessed without stress. 

Stay tuned for more Laws

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Attention to details! Very important
Seems like a cool law not to over look, great details you've got there. Thanks for sharing
I’m keeping up with all the laws, I know the application of this law would be placing the content of a drop down menu just under the drop down button