Stuck Cluck

10 Feb 2023

I promise it won't be a curse, But a giggle and chuckle, And a side-splitting cackle, That'll leave you feeling quite perky, no hearse!
There once was a chicken, oh so shy, Who couldn't figure out how to fly, So it flapped and it hopped, Till finally, it popped, Up in the air, soaring high up in the sky!
But the rooster, with feathers so fine, He cocked his head and said "that's not thine," "To fly like a bird, You've got to be heard, And let your voice take you to the sky divine!"
So the chicken did as it was told, And let out a cackle so bold, And to its surprise, It started to rise, And fly with the roosters, young and old!
So the lesson we learn from this cluck, Is to find your voice and don't be stuck, And with a little cheer, You'll soar high, my dear, Just like that chicken, now so plucky!

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