Solcial-To-Earn: SocialFi staking PLUS a meme contest!

7 Sept 2023

A Solana based social economy

Solcial is a social media platform built on Solana. It's sort of a cross between Twitter and Facebook. Lot's of stuff you'd be familiar with as goes any social media platform.
It has both web and mobile apps.

You can mint your own token on the platform and then trade it and other users tokens. All of the tokens are paired in private LPs on the platform with the native token $SLCL.
Token prices vary according to the following (from the Telegram group):
"Every user token is trading versus SLCL as the primary pool is USER/SLCL, but SLCL has a price that changes with the SLCL/USD pair. So the USER/USD pair would change too depending on SLCL itself."

The $SCLC token has definitely had rough ride, but this is a social platform that launched to public access late 2022. Keep in mind the much better funded Lens Protocol has been live for nearly 2 years and still isn't out of beta access.

You see the team's roadmap here

I won't go too much more into the details, see the links below to dig into the features and how to sign up and get started with your user token.

How to Tutorials:


Solcial not long ago launched their staking program. Very basically:

  1. You can stake your SLCL to earn yield on it
  2. You get a base yield regardless of what you do on the platform
  3. You get a boosted yield on top of the base yield for actions on the platform. Solcial have never publicly revealed what their criteria are (to protect against spammers) but shared this explanation recently in the Discord (in response to some AI comment bots users were using): "Hi everyone, just to keep things transparent, commenting on other people's post don't increase your APY for the staking program. Instead the actions that increase your APY are about posting high quality content, and trading activities. Such as receiving upvotes, buying user tokens, getting people to subscribe to your Tier 2 posts, and referring friends to Solcial."
  4. The catch is you need to log into Solcial once a day to claim your rewards. They won't roll over to the next day. You can claim them or claim & restake.

See the below for more about the staking program

Promote Solcial-To-Earn and win big!

Myself and fellow Solcial users: @BernardNguyen @Voronovskiy and @Investigator515 have teamed up to run the first in what we hope will be a series of promotions to help drive more users to Solcial.

Our first one is an AI image/meme contest. The theme is the Solcial-To-Earn program.


There's a fantastic prize pool up for grabs

How do I win?

Make an image/meme that talks about the staking program on Solcial
Post it on Solcial with the hashtag #earnwithslcl

But the fun doesn't stop there!
Post any #earnwithslcl image/meme (doesn't have to be yours!) on other social media and then post a link to that post on Solcial with the hashtag #earnwithslcl

HOT TIPS for posting on other social media

  • Include your referral link! Don't miss out on rewards.
  • Include one or more links about the Solcial-To-Earn program (see comments) to help people better understand the mechanics/value proposition

Here's some good links to use on any other social media posts

Contest details

We'll be awarding for both engagement on Solcial (upvotes, reposts, comments) and for engagement on other social media platforms.

Examples of eligible Solcial posts

Don't worry, I can't actually win, I've posted these on Solcial as an example.

Solcial native post
Facebook repost
Twitter/X repost

Join Solcial Today!

I use both BULB and Solcial and find both to be highly complementary in terms of my social media and content usage.

Click the link here or below to sign up to Solcial (it's a referral link, you can also earn $SLCL too by referring users).

Follow me on Solcial

Solcial referral link

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So what is the withdrawal process like please?
Gary Cartlidge
I looked at it a while ago and tbh didn't look very active. But promising if enough people used it.
Social fi hype is still?
Solcial-To-Earn seems like an interesting concept, blending social interaction and staking in the crypto world. The addition of a meme contest adds a fun and creative element to it. It's always fascinating to see how the crypto community explores new ways to engage and potentially earn in this space.
Great. Thank you. I will try this.
I see people who create their tokens on Solcial but it never gets to sell
I went through the project and can see that it is a good one
You've intrigued me, I'll definitely look into it further. Thank you
Can you edit my username mid post?? I think this has been pulled from the discord. Great write up!!
How do one earn on Solcial?
Soon i join
For my Tier 2 subscribers on Solcial: I have an extra bonus on top of any prizes you win. Currently my Tier 2 costs 20 $KQQP. Find me at
Pretty interesting... Looks like I'll give it a try and check out the website.
Social-To-Earn combines the best of both worlds - SocialFi staking and meme contests! 🚀 It's not just about earning rewards but also having fun and getting creative with memes. 💡🎉 Excited to see how this innovative concept will bring the community together and reward creativity.
Definitely an interesting concept, I'll check it out, thanks!
Just gave you a follow over there. Do you find you're getting real follows/interactions on the site currently? I tend to get about 10 new followers and a comment or two after each post, but I just have this gut feeling that they're bot accounts. (For instance, I use tracking codes on most of my posts, and while I'll get generic comments 'about' my articles I'll have zero actual click-throughs from the site.) I do like the concept of Solcial and the UI is great, so I'm going to keep using it for now - I'm just not sure if I'm connecting with real people at the moment.
great post
definitely worthy to be checked