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25 Aug 2022

Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy Success Story:

In today's time, it has become an emerging company delivering food on online booking at homes in India.

This is the story of 3 friends who in today's hectic life founded Swiggy to deliver food on online order to make people reach their favorite food at any time and in the food industry of India. There was quite a stir.
Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy was started by 3 friends out of which Shri Harasha and Nandan Reddy have studied engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani while 3 founder Rahul completed his education from IIT Kharagpur. is of. Out of these, Shri Harasha and Nandan Reddy also started their own Logistics Startup Bundl for 1 year which could not run and got closed.
After Shri Harasha and Nandan Reddy closed their Bundl startup, Rahul, who was then working as a software engineer in the online fashion brand “MYNTRA”, started the business of online food delivery by doing a lot of research in the market. Thought of doing and laid the foundation of Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy in the year 2014 from Mangalore.
These 3 friends initially used 6 delivery boys 25 restaurants and an online application and on the lines of a logistics company, Swiggy took over the entire work from order to delivery, due to which the customers and restaurant owners got a lot of benefits. Felt. While on the one hand the customer started getting food of his choice and taste in a short time after making online booking through the application, on the other hand the restaurant started getting recognition in the new customer and surrounding areas as well.

Know about the awards received by Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy

Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy has got the top spot in The Economics Times Startup Awards 2017 for a Big and Best Startup.
Online Food Delivery Startup Swiggy has also got a place in India Forbes Under 30 Magazine in the year 2017.

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Interesting readings and nice-detailed information in your articles. Swiggy is one of the most relevant service provider in food delivery nowdays. The main reasons for it's success are ,With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, more people are relying on food delivery services to get their meals. Swiggy's wide range of restaurant options, contactless delivery, and safety protocols have made it a popular choice for customers. Additionally, Swiggy has been expanding its services, such as grocery delivery and medicine delivery, further increasing its importance in the current scenario.
According to this you can earn 25000 to 30000 thousand rupees per month. If you want, you can earn more money by taking more orders and working harder. The good thing about the company is this. The company pays the expenses of petrol and mobile of the vehicle separately.
Today, if someone is feeling like eating outside food, then he immediately orders his favorite food online with the help of smartphone and internet. And taste the taste of the hotel at your own home. Today online food delivery business is growing very fast in big cities. And many well-known companies are working in this field, who work in accepting food orders online and delivering their favorite food to the people. One of these well-known companies is swiggy.
Every day new technology is being invented. That's why our work is also becoming very easy. Where in the last few years people did not even know much about the online system. But today due to technology, people do online shopping, online recharge, electricity bills, all sitting at home with the help of mobile, laptop. And now in the last few years, the trend of online eating is going on a lot. Meaning that now anyone can order food from the hotel of their choice and order it anywhere at home or office.