Meme Farming

12 Mar 2024

My thoughts about $MEME
claim from Memeland farming:

Let's be honest here.

Like farmer, I did ~4 following
tasks and about ~10 RTs tasks.

Did I expect thouthands of
dollars? No. I know that ~400k
of other farmers did the same. 👩‍🌾

I think that The Memeland team
did their good job for farmers and
here is why:

• they removed tons of bots
• they prioritized farm rewards
over holders. Just look the
screenshot of my reward as
holder from referrals bellow. 😙
• you don't need to spend gas to
stake your MEME. It's already
staked and you earning something
• you didn't spend money to buy
something you don't need for farm.
69 MEME you sent - you can back
any time.
• you will get all benefits from
STAKELAND if you will decide do
not CLAIM.

if you don't want to stake you can
CLAIM your MEME any time too.
The choice is yours.

You told me: "Why did they
make us wait half a year then? "

My answer: I am always told you
guys, don't spend time on waiting
you see. It always pays back. 🧠

Like $BLOCK for example.😙
Or even @gaiminio. What just

Let's move to the next farming
village while Stakeland making
quests for SEASON 2! 💜🫂

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