The vow

4 Aug 2022

My best friend just got engaged to a guy in the states
And I have been crushing on her ever since 2008

I used to feel that I was the only close male in her life
And I've always been optimistic that one day she'll realize

That I love her very much and she is the only girl I had ever adored
But she never noticed me 'cos people don't see what they are not looking for

And if you ask me why I love her more than I like myself
It's probably because I have never known anyone else

She shed tears of joy as they exchange their vows and I cry too
But because we bleed the same does not mean it's the same pain

I know she will smile at me while she walks down the aisle
Heaven knows that I can't bear losing her to this guy

I hope your marriage is fruitful as you're no more the apple of my eye
A loser though I be but one thing I know is unexpressed emotions never die

I wish you a happy married life
Everything beautiful is ruined eventually

Jude Umoren, 'The vow' (online, 2021) <>.

Jude Umoren, 'The vow' (online, 2021) <>.

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