One-sided Love

3 Jul 2022

When our paths crossed, I thought we were meant to be forever
To some extent, I day-dreamed about us saying our vows on the altar

Because I was attracted to your personality and dazzling eyes
Thought it was love but it was lust in disguise

As time went on, it seemed like I was trying too hard
Wanting to be in a relationship, your future kids calling me Dad

I told you about my feelings for you hoping it will be mutual
But you kept replying with the “LOL” text. As usual

There I was, both a loser and the chairman of your friend-zone
Awaiting a text from you, I stayed glued to my phone

I’m broken but you never seemed to care to even notice
My friends say you don’t love me, but I don’t want to know this

But maybe they’re right because you never admitted loving me back
You always replied with silence like your words would break my heart

There was no crime in telling me you were seeing someone else
Perhaps, I could have moved on or decided to stay by myself

Because I will rather be alone than be lonely
Despite everything my friends might have told me

I hate when they are right that I’m wrong
So let me get this straight, I’m done

For I have had enough

But one day you will realize your mistake
And then send apologies I won’t take

I think this all happened because
I fell in love with you, a Nurse

And “the hardest pill to swallow”
Is that you’re giving me the “silent treatment”.

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